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If you are a Graduate Student or a Masters or Doctoral level Social Worker doing Clinical Social Work in an agency, organizational or private practice setting – join now so we can maintain a solid presence for Clinical Social Workers at a time when our identity and our client’s rights are being undermined by market forces which seek to: challenge our knowledge base, threaten our right guaranteed by state licensure to practice independently, weaken our voice in advocating for the rights of our clients, and control our income.

Forty four years of concern and expertise for the healthcare provider in Clinical Social Work. 


  • Protection of Social Work licensure, vendorship, credentialing and title
  • Advocacy with Managed Care Review Panels, Liaison Committees and Appeals Panels
  • Participation in statewide consumer/provider coalitions on mental health, health and addictions issues

Professional Development

  • Mentorship Program for New Professionals
  • Statewide Ethics Committee – Available for free consultation to members
  • Continuing Education courses, workshops, seminars, and lectures representing a broad spectrum of clinical issues and theoretical perspectives
  • Continuing Education Accredited by Board of Behavioral Sciences (PCE #1)  
  • Scholarship Programs for MSW and post-graduate training

Members Only

  • Statewide Ethics Committee – Available for free consultation to members
  • Free and discounted advertising on website and newsletter
  • Access to online directory
  • Free announcements of group and/or consultation groups
  • Newsletter 


  • Online Membership Practice Directory available for easy referrals.
  • Newsletter
  • District and statewide meetings with CE and networking opportunities for members
  • Timely Legislative Alerts, Managed Care Updates, other membership updates between newsletters as needed.
  • Specialized brochures, pamphlets, prototype professional billing and disclosure forms available for purchase at special member prices.

Who May Join

  • Any social worker who holds a California State license for the practice of clinical social work.
  • Any unlicensed social worker who holds a Masters Degree from an accredited school of social work.
  • Any person whose work demonstrates an accordance with the objectives of the Society including but no limited to Social Workers licensed outside the state of California LMFTs, LPCCs, PhDs, etc.
  • MSW Students enrolled in a accredited school of social work.

Approved applicants shall be admitted to the highest category of membership for which they qualify at the time of admission and their membership class shall be automatically changed upwards as their qualifications permit.

New members are billed annually (the membership year runs from July 1-June 30)

Upcoming events

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