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Frequently Asked Questions About Events and Registering for an Event

What is a district meeting?

Prior to the COVID-19 public health emergency, CSCSW held monthly district meetings in six in-person district locations across the state. These meetings included both networking and educational opportunities. Since the pandemic, CSCSW has pivoted to offering online/remote access to all district meetings via ZOOM webinars. CSCSW will continue to offer either fully remote access or a hybrid of in-person and remote access to district meetings after the state reopens. District meetings are FREE for CSCSW members to attend and earn CEUs. Our district meeting presenters volunteer their time and expertise which makes it possible for CSCSW to continue to offer this type of workshop for no additional cost to its members.

Can I pay for an event by check?

Yes, you can send a check for payment of any event to CSCSW, P.O. Box 880712, San Diego, CA 92168-0712.  If the event is happening within a few days, please email the CSCSW Administrator at to let us know your check is on its way via post.

Can I go to a district meeting for free?

All CSCSW members are invited to all district meetings and there is no cost for attendance and CEUs.

Non-members may also attend a district meeting by paying a $10 admission fee and $10 per CEU, if applicable.

How much do I need to pay for CEUs at a district meeting?

CSCSW members do not pay for CEUs at a district meeting as it is an included benefit of membership.

Non-members pay the cost of $10 for admission and $10 per CEU.

I am not a CSCSW member, but I need CEUs. How can I do this?

All of our educational events (district meetings and conferences) are also open to non-members and we welcome their attendance.

Non-members pay the cost of $10 for admission to any district meeting, and $10 per CEU if applicable.

Non-members pay a competitive, non-discounted rate for conferences.

I am a CSCSW member and some of the events indicate that I need to pay a cost. I thought events were free for members?

Conferences, also termed “workshops”, are distinct from district meetings which are included in the membership benefits.

The presenter for a conference (or workshop) is paid by CSCSW, whereas district meetings are shorter events at which the presenter is offering their expertise at no cost to CSCSW. Therefore, conferences (or workshops) have a cost to attend for both members and non-members. CSCSW members receive a discount for attending any conference (or workshop).

I registered for an event, but don't have the Zoom link. What should I do?

We currently hold all our events on the ZOOM platform and will do so for the foreseeable future. We prepare for online events by conducting a “dry run” with the speaker before the event. We then send the link by email for the webinar after all details are finalized with the presenter.

You will receive your Zoom link at least one day prior to the event and you will receive another reminder email approximately 30 minutes before the start of an event.

I tried to register for an event, but the system is saying I am not a member. Why?

Make sure you are logged in to your account when registering for an event.

If the system still doesn’t recognize you as a member, it might be because you became a member with a different email address. Sometimes, we find that a person can have multiple profiles in the system, if this is the case, we just need to update the database.  Please reach out to the CSCSW Administrator at for assistance.

I can't attend an event. Will events be recorded?

We try to record all of our webinars; however, some presenters have content that they would rather not have  recorded, or there may be confidential information that is being shared during an event in which recording would not be appropriate.

For events that we are able to record, we will offer the recording on our website for later access.

We can’t guarantee that an event will be recorded due to circumstances beyond our control.

I need more CEUs and you aren’t offering anything right now. Do you have any suggestions for me?

CSCSW members have free access to the recorded workshops from our district meetings. This digital library of events is free to members! Therefore, if you need more CEUs then consider browsing through the digital library on our website for a variety of clinical topics to earn the CEUs you need. Our conference (or workshops) are also in our digital library and can be purchased for a fee.

How do I get my certificate for attending an event?

After the event, we will send all registrants a follow-up email with a link to the recording (if available), a link to the post-test, and an evaluation/certificate link.

We will also forward any other resources offered during the event by the presenter.

Once a participant completes the evaluation, a link to the certificate will be displayed that can be saved on the participant’s computer or printed out for future reference. Please allow 3-5 days after an event to receive the follow-up email.

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