Jannette Alexander Foundation Scholarship Fund

Jannette Alexander Scholarship Fund

Jannette Alexander was a founder and former President of the California Society for Clinical Social Work. She helped establish the California Institute for Clinical Social Work and served as President of the Institute Board of Trustees. Her long and illustrious career was spent at Mt. Zion Psychiatric Clinic in San Francisco; Reiss Davis Child Guidance Clinic in Los Angeles; Southern California Permanente; and as Director of Child and Family Services of the innovative Retail Clerk’s Mental Health Development Center. Later independent practice allowed her to pursue her social work heritage and interests as Project Field Director for the Study of Child Development in Alternate Life Style Families, conducted through UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. A longitudinal study, it is still in process having produced significant findings and publications. A continuing search for clinical excellence with a highly ethical stance marked all of her professional career.

The Jannette Alexander Foundation for Clinical Social Work Education is a subsidiary non-profit education foundation 501(c)(3)of the California Society for Clinical Social Work. Each year the Jannette Alexander Foundation scholarship fund awards scholarships to graduating MSW students from any California accredited graduate program for excellence in clinical studies. Please use the donation form to donate to the Foundation.

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