The California Society of Clinical Social Work (CSCSW) Student Ambassador Pilot Program is a coalition of Master of Social Work graduate students interested in pursuing licensure upon graduation. Student Ambassadors act as the official representative to CSCSW on behalf of their School of Social Work. The Student Ambassador Pilot Program promotes solidarity among fellow student ambassadors and opportunities to serve as an advocate and develop leadership skills.
As a Student Ambassador, you have the opportunity to:
  1. Be the official representative of CSCSW for your School of Social Work
  2. Promote CSCSW membership benefits
  3. Engage in networking opportunities through your representation of CSCSW and your School when meeting with other organizations, such as NASW, BBS, etc.
  4. Attend Board of Directors’ meetings and represent your School
  5. Include Ambassador experience on your resume
  6. Assist the editor and/or write compelling pieces for the Clinical Update Newsletter.
  7. Join a variety of CSCSW events
  8. Expand your professional network
  9. Receive a sash for graduation
  10. Develop your leadership skills