Supervision is a private relationship. CSCSW is not responsible for overseeing supervision or any financial arrangements between Supervisor and Supervisee. It is up to the supervisor and supervisee to make their arrangements in accordance with state regulations. CSCSW does not endorse any of the names on this list, and has not done any investigation as to the quality or propriety of any of the persons on this list to be a supervisor of any candidate. This list is provided solely as an accommodation and anyone using this list or contacting anyone on this list for supervision or other purposes does so entirely at their own risk and waives any claim against CSCSW.

Supervisor Agreement

Supervision is a necessary component of clinical training, which is no longer widely available in agencies where ASW’s work. For this reason CSCSW has created a Supervisor List of CSCSW members who provide supervision, either in an agency or private practice, as a valuable resource for our ASW members.

Members can add their name to the Supervisor List by completing the form at: Supervisor Agreement Form (HH LINK). In submitting this form you agree that you have read and understand that CSCSW is simply providing a list of supervisors and making it available to potential supervisees who are members of our organization. Arrangements between supervisor and supervisee, such as fees, number of sessions, etc. are your responsibility to make in accordance with BBS regulations. Consult for further information.

Members can access the Supervisor’s List here (located in the Member’s Only area of the website.)