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CSCSW Committees

Committee Descriptions

The Board of Directors has identified 4 committees to support the Society’s mission and operation. It is the responsibility of these committees to provide the benefits that the Society offers to its members.

If you are interested in joining any of the committees, please contact us at

Communications Committee:

Communications Committee Chair: Kewal Khalsa
Goal: Increase membership via various marketing strategies. This goal is achieved through the following objectives:
  • Member recruitment and retention:
  • Develop and administer member surveys once every 2 years
  • Promote district meetings for all districts, at minimum 3 times per year
  • Promote Society’s workshops, which are hosted a minimum of once a year
  • Initiate webinars to enhance the value of Society membership; minimum of one webinar per year
  • Coordinate the communication needs of the Society and its districts on a quarterly basis
  • Create and update the Society’s website by June of 2020
  • Manage the Society’s social media (print-based and social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.)
  •  Increase the society's media footprint in 2020 by 10% from 2018
  • Produce and manage the Society’s newsletter “Clinical Update,” at minimum twice a year

Advocacy/Legislative Committee: 

Advocacy Committee Chair: Veronica Yakovenko
Goal: Support and educate members regarding legislation that seeks to maintain LCSWs in the pivotal role as service providers in the healthcare field in both California and the Nation. This goal is achieved via the following objectives:
  •  Support legislation that better represents Society’s interests and values via collaboration  with other organizations such as BBS, CSWA at minimum once a year
  • Attend at minimum one advocacy/legislation meeting per year hosted by a collaborative organization
  • Provide regular updates with analysis to members regarding new and pending legislation that impacts the profession at minimum once a year

Education Committee

Education Committee Chair: Monica Blauner

Goal: Provide educational opportunities to members. The goal of this committee is achieved via the following objectives:

  • Organize in-person and/or online workshops at minimum once a year
  • Enlist steering committee’s assistance in providing local  workshops at minimum three times per year
  •  Build and coordinate partnerships with other organizations to co-sponsor events. Coordinate with at least one other organization per year.

Member Benefits Committee

Member Benefits Committee Chair: Monica Blauner
Goal: Administer the Society’s benefits and increase their use and effectiveness.
  • Database maintenance: on-going update and promotion of the databases as listed below. To be updated at minimum twice a year.
  • Supervisor List
  • Mentorship
  •  Listserv
  • Therapist Finder
  • BBS  Liaison: An advocate for members regarding licensing matters with BBS.  Assist at minimum 5 members per year.
  • Ethics Consultation: Provide data on topics of consultation and number of consultations of requests Ethics & Standards Committee Chair: Briana Fair
  • Mentorship program: Facilitate mentor/mentee matches to support the growth of the members new to the profession

Diversity Equity and Transformation Committee:

DET Committee Co-Chairs: Amanda Lee/Sarah Jayyousi
Goal: To advocate, and support the professional development of clinical social workers from marginalized and underrepresented communities by centering equity. 
  • Will include at least one column in each Clinical Update on DET issues, will also share via listserv and social media.
  • Quarterly, educational material regarding DET topics will be shared with the board
  • At each board meeting, time/space will be created to illuminate DET topics
  • DET Committee will partner with other committees to consult on at least a quarterly basis, as needed on DET topics
  • Create at least two workshops (webinars) per fiscal year relevant to DET
  • Offer a clinical consultation group (including ZOOM) for POC’s.
  • Update policy, guidelines, and procedures to include equity-based practices

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