We are looking for passionate students encouraging others and promoting solidarity among fellow student ambassadors to serve as advocates while strengthening your leadership skills. As a member of CSCSW, you can apply to become a Student Ambassador. You have the opportunity to serve as the official representative to CSCSW on behalf of your School of Social Work.  

As a Student Ambassador, you have the opportunity to:

  • Be the official representative of CSCSW for your School of Social Work

  • Promote CSCSW membership benefits

  • Engage in networking opportunities through your representation of CSCSW and your School when meeting with other organizations, such as NASW, BBS, etc.

  • Attend Board of Directors meetings and represent your School

  • Include Ambassador experience on your resume

  • Assist the editor and/or write compelling pieces for the Clinical Update Newsletter.

  • Join a variety of CSCSW events

  • Expand your professional network

  • Receive a sash for graduation

  • Develop your leadership skills

For questions, Email: Rosy Flores at: Ambassador.CSCSW@gmail.com


This program is for CSCSW student members only, if you are not a member, please become a member today – https://clinicalsocialworksociety.org/membership/application/