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San Fernando Valley District

10/01/2016 11:26 AM | Anonymous

The San Fernando Valley District was recently invited to be part of the “Kick-Off Day” for first-year MSW students at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). There were over 100 incoming students present who were eager to learn about our presentations and the many other benefits of CSCSW membership.

Gloria Gesas had developed a collegial relationship with a CSUN professor, and as a result, this professor has been supportive of the Society and of the SFValley District. She has encouraged many social work students and graduates from CSUN to attend our district meetings.

Our experience at the “Kick-Off Day” at California State University, Northridge further expanded our marketing efforts. Both Gloria’s personal outreach to the faculty at CSUN and our presence at this “Kick-Off Day” event have been productive and gainful. Tanya gave an impromptu speech about the Society to the students at this event emphasizing the clinical aspects of our organization and the advantages of joining the Society. This effort generated an enthusiasm toward membership. During our time at the “Kick-Off Day” event, we met many wonderful, enthusiastic MSW students and were impressed with CSUN’s relatively new Department of Social Work and its faculty and students.

We have been invited to present to both first- and second-year MSW students at USC in October and later to alumni. Tanya and Gloria are both USC alumni.

Gloria Gesas, LCSW was involved in outreach and marketing activities during her 20 years at Jewish Family Service. Tanya Moradians PhD, LCSW was one of the early members of the Society and is in private practice in Encino working with the older adult population. Gloria and Tanya have been the District Coordinators for the San Fernando Valley District since its revitalization nearly five years ago. They have both been active, instrumental members of CSCSW for over three decades. They are passionate about their continued involvement in the Society and continue to convey enthusiasm and dedication to those clinical social workers who are new to our profession and our organization.

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